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- 9 - Werkbladen

Prepositions; This section contains work sheets about prepositions by using fun exercises and examples.

Pupils can fill in the gaps by using the correct prepositions.

Pupils will learn about how and when to use the prepositions "in, in front of, between, behind, next to,.."

This work sheet focuses on the preposition "in". There is an exercise in which pupils must create sentences.

Pupils can connect the sentence parts by using the letters next to them.

This work sheet provides some exercises about prepositions.

These objects are all tangled up! Where are the school things? Pupils should complete the lines with full sentences.

Where is the worm? (in, on, under, behind .. the apple) - pupils can insert the correct prepositions.

Pupils should look at the pictures and make sentences using "in", "on" or "under".

Pupils will enhance their sentence forming skills by writing down the number of the picture and making a sentence using each word including the helping word given.

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